Basanth Babu Eedara

Basanth Babu Eedara, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Office:  CTS 366
Phone: 772-345-4763
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Dr. Eedara is currently a Research Assistant Professor in Prof. Heidi M. Mansour’s lab at the Florida International University (FIU) Center for Translational Science in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. As a former Postdoctoral Research Associate (Jul 2020-Feb 2022 at The University of Arizona, Tucson) and current Research Assistant Professor at FIU in Prof. Mansour’s lab, his research focuses on the development and evaluation (i.e., physicochemical, and biological) of novel inhalable drug formulations for treating lung conditions. Dr. Eedara completed his PhD in the Pharmaceutical Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Shyamal C. Das and Prof. Ian G. Tucker at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. His long-term career goals involve becoming an independent researcher and developing formulations to deliver drugs in a targeted manner to prolong and localize in the lungs. He is also interested in understanding the dissolution behavior of respirable size particles which can be useful to establish differences between formulations and to estimate the dissolution behavior in the lungs. Techniques used for development and evaluation of inhalable dry powder formulations include drying techniques (i.e., spray drying and freeze drying), in vitro and in vivo aerosolization studies, solid state characterization methods, surface characterization techniques, particle size analysis, electron microscopy, in vitro dissolution and drug release studies, in vitro acellular, in vitro cellular, and in vivo animal studies.

Research Interests

Pulmonary delivery; dry powder inhalations; targeted drug delivery systems; particle engineering; spray drying; surface characterization; physicochemical characterization; respirable size particle dissolution; asthma; tuberculosis.

Recent Publications